Since summer 2019, we have inspired and prepared young people to advocate for social justice
By the Numbers

young people reached

schools and nonprofit partners

of participants have been youth of color

4.3 out of 5
is the average score participants rate session 

of participants report program increased social justice knowledge

What Students Say
“The program changed my thinking and outlook on social issues and how to address them.”
“It was able to help me come out of my shell and talk about my personal life.”
“It was fun to hear other people’s views and stories.”
“I like how it covered more than just public speaking.”
“I like how it really pinpointed oppression.”
Long-Term Impact
Over time, our program helps students grow in three areas that prepare them to be strong social justice advocates:
Students believe they can be a leader and have something powerful to say 
Students want to use their voice to advocate for social justice in different settings
Students know how to use their authentic voice to advocate for social justice
According to academic research, students of color who engage in programs focused on building their critical consciousness also perform better academically. Additionally, our program helps students develop an important life skill – communication – that they can use to thrive in the workforce.