In January 2021, we selected our first cohort of high school educators from across the U.S. to implement the Vocal Justice program within their schools. We selected 15 teachers from 80+ applications. Fellows come from 10 states and D.C., 80% identify as women or non-binary, and about 70% are people of color. Three fellows work at an alternative school, including one for youth recovering from substance abuse. Collectively, our teachers engaged 200+ high school students in our program.

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What Our Fellows Have Said
"I was getting burnt out teaching English based on district curriculum / online learning, but this fellowship has made it possible to find fun in teaching again."
"I had no idea by students had so many opinions and were so well-versed in social justice issues."
"This is my 21st year in the classroom, and Vocal Justice has been one of the most powerful and most needed experiences of my career."
"Vocal Justice is not just a program; it's a whole movement, and I am so proud of all of us for being part of this movement."
"It really inspired me to bring this to my school in a way that it hasn't been brought before, which is why I'm definitely proposing an accredited elective class for Vocal Justice."