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Get to Know our Team Part 2: Naomi Daugherty, Program Manager

This month, Communications Intern Liana Fu interviewed Program Manager Naomi Daugherty, who facilitates our in-school programming and Teacher Fellowship. Read on to learn about educator, writer, small business owner, and candlemaker Naomi!

Describe yourself in three words.

Creative, Divine, Compassionate.

What’s a weird food combination that you love?

Flaming hots and red pepper hummus.

If you could teach a class about anything, what would it be about?

Examining juju & the Black Witch archetype across Toni Morrison's canon.

If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your younger self? You are your own best friend, be a friend to yourself in the future! And like our sacred ancestor Toni said, "you are your best thing."

Who is your source of inspiration and why? My mama, my late father, my ancestors, and Fannie Lou Hamer because they audaciously dared to dream and I am their wildest manifestation.

Describe your favorite memory as an educator

When my old students call me up to share their life updates with me!!

What values are central to your practice as an educator?

I believe everything must be done with a love ethic (shout-out to bell hooks!) Empathy, sustainability, community, literacy, compassion, and liberation are essential to my praxis as an educator.

What experience (personal or professional) are you most excited to bring to or build upon in your work with Vocal Justice?

I'm a writer and my favorite thing about being a teacher was coming up with popping lesson plans to make the learning a fun time! I am geeked to put my passion and creative innovation into the VJ curriculum and Teacher Fellowship programming.

Is there anything else you would like the VJ community to know about you?

I make massage-oil candles named after Black elders and ancestors! You can come see about them at Other than that, I am just real happy to be here and I am excited to co-create and embody a vision for liberation with a dynamic community!

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